1. What is ASCO DIRECT?
    ASCO DIRECT provides a blend of the most relevant scientific meeting highlights and perspectives in the local language and context.  It is available in the following formats:
    • On Demand – Timely video summaries of science from ASCO Meetings available online at your convenience
    • Live – Local event occurring concurrently with the ASCO Meeting in the US and featuring both virtual broadcasts and real-time satellite connections with experts onsite at the US meeting. Continuing education credits may be available from a local accrediting body.
    • Webinar – Interactive event for audiences in multiple locations featuring summaries of science from an ASCO Meeting presented by local or international experts, with Q&A opportunity
    • Highlights – Post-meeting event featuring summaries of science from an ASCO Meeting presented by local experts, with opportunities for discussion and local context. Continuing education credits may be available from a local accrediting body.
  2. Why doesn’t my country have an ASCO DIRECT program or specific ASCO DIRECT format available?
    ASCO DIRECT is an officially licensed program for a particular country and format.  It is available only in those countries and formats where it has been licensed. Contact us if you’re interested in having an ASCO DIRECT program in your area.
  3. How do I know if there is an ASCO DIRECT program available in my country?
    Select your country button on ascodirect.org to view ASCO DIRECT programs that are available in your country.
  4. How do I access ASCO DIRECT On Demand programs?
    A separate username and password are required to access each of the ASCO DIRECT On Demand programs.If you do not have log-in credentials for a program that you are trying to access, please make a request on the On Demand landing page or contact us.
  5. When do ASCO DIRECT On Demand programs become available on the website?
    Programs become available within 24 hours of the start of the US meeting.
  6. Is ASCO DIRECT On Demand accessible only to those who did not attend the US meeting.
    No, the On Demand website is accessible to anyone who lives in the country. For example, any German oncologist may obtain an access code (see above) and view the German version of ASCO DIRECT On Demand.
  7. Is ASCO DIRECT Live a substitute for attending the meeting in the United States?
    ASCO DIRECT is intended to provide a program for you to discuss results presented in the US with your colleagues in a local setting. There are many, many more features included in the US meetings than the selected presentations included in the ASCO DIRECT program, so if you are able to come to the US, you are encouraged to do so.
  8. Whom do I contact if I have would like to license or sponsor ASCO DIRECT programs?
    Please contact us to learn more about ASCO DIRECT.
  9. Is there an application deadline for the program?
    Yes, the deadline* to apply for the program is dependent on the format selected:
    • On Demand and Live formats:  4 months in advance of the ASCO meeting
    • Webinar: 2 months in advance of the ASCO meeting
    • Highlights: 45 days in advance of your proposed meeting date

    Click here to download the ASCO DIRECT application.

    *Exceptions may apply to the deadlines listed above.